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Best Practices for Keyword Density

keyword density is a very real metric. However, we base this metric off your competitors. Too much and Google will flag you, too little and you won't show up. 

Best SEO Practices for Page Layouts

Page layout has to please the search engine and Google. We do this by using proven high converting pages to make web dev recommendations and shape our SEO around the value of the page. 

What is off page SEO link building?

Off page link building, better known as 'back linking' or Off page SEO is the practice of getting other websites to link to yours. Think of it as a voting system for your website. The better and more votes, the higher you will rank. 

Best SEO Practices for High Quality Content

Content on page should first and foremost sound natural and talk about the subject matter directly... while answering common questions and covering related topics. 

Social Media’s Role in SEO

Social media can provide a first line defence to prove to Google that you are in fact a real business. We still provide social shout outs to cover the basis. 

How Does Off Site SEO Work?

Off-site SEO works by building linkable content for other websites to use to write about, reference and link back to (you). This process earns you a precious link and tells Google you are important, relevant and worthy of ranking on the subject matter. 

Why is SEO Link Building Important?

After every aspect of on-page SEO is done, link building is the only tool to make your website stand out and continue proving it is worthy and authoritative in Google's eyes. 

Why is Researching Keywords Important?

Often Key Words that hold relevance, traffic and volume may be slightly different than what you anticipated. Doing Key Word research to check the order of words in a phrase, the spelling and additional key words are important to set your website up for success!

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